Neurosurgical Biopatch
Neurosurgical Biopatch
The company's neurosurgical biological patch is one of the main products used in domestic surgical implants for dura (spinal) membrane repair. Currently, there are two types of implant materials used

Basic information

The company's surgical biological patch - neurosurgical biological patch is one of the main products for domestic surgical implantation for durabra (spinal) membrane repair.

     Currently, there are two types of implant materials used for clinical dura (spinal) membrane repair: polymer materials and biological materials. The former is such as polytetrafluoroethylene; the latter is animal-derived biomaterials, including biologically derived materials (reprocessed with animal tissue collagen or multi-layered porcine small intestinal submucosa tissue) and animal tissue modified materials. Our company's products are bovine pericardial tissue modified materials, which have structural characteristics similar to natural connective tissue in the body. They can provide tissue scaffolds for the natural repair of patients' autologous tissues, allowing enough time and space for natural tissue repair, so that the repaired Soft tissue is indistinguishable from original healthy tissue, which is something that polymer implant materials and animal-derived biologically derived materials do not have.

Performance advantages

Surgical biopatch meets five levels of requirements for ideal soft tissue repair:

  • Biocompatibility meets ISO10993
  • Acts as an extracellular matrix scaffold for host cell growth
  • Meets tissue's natural repair process
  • Seamlessly integrates with host tissue to ensure complete repair in situ
  • The reconstructed organization is indistinguishable from the original organization

Scope of application

Suitable for neurosurgery dura (spinal) membrane repair or replacement.